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VivierSkin and the amazing vitamin C serum benefits

We all know that vitamins and minerals are important to our health when consumed through a healthy diet. However, some also have benefits when applied topically to the skin. Vitamin C, in particular, is not only an important vitamin to support the immune system, but also has many protective and conditioning qualities when applied to the skin. However, not all vitamin C skin care products are created equal. VivierSkin harnesses the power of vitamin C in a unique, patented serum to provide ideal support for your skin.

The benefits of VivierSkin
VivierSkin uses a pure, pharmaceutical grade of vitamin skin called L-ascorbic acid, the only form of vitamin C that is able to be absorbed through the skin. In addition, VivierSkin uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients and are ideal for several skin types and conditions. VivierSkin products including C E Peptides, LEXXEL Redness Relief Moisturizer, and Vivier Serum 20 treat conditions including sensitive skin, hyperpigmentation, and the effects of aging.

VivierSkin C E Peptides
VivierSkin C E Peptides is a powerful anti-aging serum. The antioxidant, vitamin E, combines with vitamin C, peptides, and grapefruit extract to create a powerful serum to reverse the signs of aging. Unlike other vitamin C products, VivierSkin’s C E Peptides has a patented formulation that stabilizes the key ingredients, ensuring that they are able to do their job. This formulation repairs damaged skin, restores youthfulness, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The alcohol-free formula makes it ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and may be used on the face, neck and chest, and even the backs of the hands.

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